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• How to solve technical problems
• Practice sessions supervised

For generations of music teachers and students, the standard pedagogy has long been methods that boiled down to repetition, repetition and repetition — working, and perhaps overworking, the left brain and ignoring the right brain. While there’s no denying that the repetitious style of pedagogy has been successful, how many enthusiastic young string players have given up simply because the repetitiveness of the lessons and the practicing dulled their innate senses of creativity and excitement?

Vasile Beluska has developed a teaching technique he calls simply “Talent Development”, which appeals first to the human element in the student, recognizing that he or she is not a machine and doesn’t learn as a computer does. Beluska has been giving lectures to conference audiences on this subject for several years and now is presenting a small-group, 5 day workshop. Participants from the younger students to the older and experienced professionals will gather for concentrated, “total immersion” in the art and science of talent development and teaching and playing the violin.

Utilizing known neurological research in right brain activity, his own insights as an artist and teacher, and the important left brain activities of practice — Beluska has developed The Seven Commandments and The Seven Stages of Practicing as tools with which to uncover in a student perhaps hitherto unknown pools of creativity.

Workshop Goals
1. To learn how to develop talent
2. How to speed up the learning process and how to get the most out of a practice session and conquer stage fright
3. Technical aspects of violin playing

For lectures and workshops on Talent Development contact Vasile Beluska at beluska@bgsu.edu. Presentations can be customized to suit your needs.

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